Top Option Platform

Do I need to download software to trade with TopOption?
What are binary options?
What types of assets can I trade with TopOption?

Open Account

How do I open an account with TopOption?


What is a SwiftCode?
How do I deposit funds in my account?
How do I withdraw funds from my account?
What is the minimum deposit to open an account?
What is the minimum investment required to open a trade?
Does TopOption charge withdrawal or deposit fees?
Does TopOption charge fees or commissions?


What is Buy Me Out?
What does the quoted price represent?
What is Touch/No Touch?
What hours can I trade with TopOption?
What happens if the option expires at exactly the same price as it opened?
What is a Rollover?
What is a Double-Up?


How can I update my account details?
How can I contact a support representative?

Trading Binary Options on margin carries a high level of risk. Click here to read full risk warning.