Risk Management

Control the Action!

At TopOption we want to see you succeed and to help you control the element of risk as effectively as possible.
The TopOption Risk Management portfolio enables you to strategize successfully, with a range of powerful features, designed to help you limit your risk exposure and increase your earning potential. This includes customizable protection settings that allow you to set your own return and risk percentages for each trade; a sell option, so you can cut your losses with a mid-trade buy-out, and a rollover tool, that enables you to delay the trade expiry time, giving you more time to turn a potential out-the-money expiry into a successful result.

Buy Me Out

Buy me out is a unique feature offered by TopOption that gives traders the opportunity to close their position before the expiry time. You can use Buy Me Out whether the position is in loss or in profit. This allows you the possibility to close a position before your expiry time.

This feature is available within one hour of the position’s expiry time. Please note that it is not available during the “No Trading Time” period shown in the platform.


TopOption’s Rollover feature increases your chances of success by postponing the trade expiration.

Simply click the “Rollover” button and extend the trade until a later expiry time to give you the opportunity to turn things around.
For a percentage increase on your current investment you can buy yourself some time when the market isn’t going your way, converting a potential loss into a potential in-the-money exit.

TopOption products offering the Rollover feature include Classic Option and Pro Option

*The Rollover tool can only be used once per trade and only in cases when the trader is Out-the-Money.
**The trader can rollover to any future expiry time that day for their asset, except for the day’s final expiration.

Trading Binary Options on margin carries a high level of risk. Click here to read full risk warning.